Keep Asking Questions

September 18th, 2015

Have you ever failed to ask a question out of fear or embarrassment? Someone once said, “Never be afraid to ask questions! It’s better to seem a fool for a minute than to be one for the rest of your life.” Asking questions doesn’t necessarily mark a lack of intelligence. It’s a mark of curiosity and eagerness to learn.  And when it comes to faith, when we ask honest questions within the safety of the community, God draws closer to help us better understand and grow as Christians.

So keep asking–even if the answers may take awhile–even if they never come. The Spirit is at work as we engage together in conversation about what it means to be faithful people of God.

See you in church,

Pastor Gretchen

Jesus Prays for Us

May 14th, 2015

Jesus prays for us. Do you ever think about that? We pray for one another and we pray for ourselves, but Jesus also prays for us knowing intimately the challenges and struggles we face every day. That was the assurance he gave to his first disciples before he left them, and it’s the assurance he gives us too, “so that they may have my joy made complete in themselves.(John 17:13)

I invite you to know the joy of being part of the community for whom Jesus prays, as we gather for worship again this week.

Ash Wednesday 2015

February 17th, 2015

Dear Disciples of Jesus at American Lutheran,

Tomorrow we enter into the 40 day journey to Easter which is known as Lent. This is the time of year to nurture our spiritual life. Not only do we prepare ourselves to celebrate the mystery of the death and resurrection of Jesus, but also the death and resurrection that continually takes place within us.

From the Middle Ages it became the custom to begin Lent by being marked in ash with the sign of the cross. As we are reminded of our mortality, sin and brokenness, we are drawn to turn again to God who alone is the source of healing and new life.

I invite you to make time for worship with your community of faith (Wednesdays 7:30pm and Sundays 10am), along with engaging in the other spiritual disciplines of Lent–fasting, prayer and works of love–returning to God who creates a new spirit within us.

See you in church,

Pastor Gretchen