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“Storms. Arks. Rainbows.” Those are the three movements that we will explore this Sunday during our worship. We all know storms. Some storms come in the forms of hurricanes blowing off the coast of the Carolinas. And other storms come in less literal and physical forms. We all know those kinds of storms. What rooted wisdom lies at the heart of the ancient Noah Flood story? What does it teach us about weathering storms? And what about that ark and that rainbow?
Our liturgy this week is based off of Setting Six in the WOV hymnal. This liturgical framework originates from one of Martin Luther’s original mass settings. He constructed this framework to encourage churches to use a variety of music from a variety of sources. Our music this week includes everything from American revival hymns, to early and recent contemporary worship songs, and Ava Marie. Let’s gather to worship a God who provides such diversity, rainbows, and a way out of no way.

Grace, peace, and love,

Ryan Chaddick
Husband, Father, Pastor, Writer, Teacher

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