A Christmas Message from President Deyo Blake

A Christmas Message from your president

Happiest of holidays dear congregation.

It’s that most wonderful time of the year. And also one of the most stressful on the commercial side. I get caught up in it with all my fellow shoppers. When this happens I tend to forget that I am waiting for the divine providence that is in store for us all. What an incredible day that will be. Inconceivable, unimaginable, incomprehensible, beyond all mystery and fully majestic in every aspect.

I’m certainly not an Advent scholar and my schedule has prevented me from attending the great talks on the subject hosted by dear Pastor Gretchen but my naïve take on its meaning is that God wants us to simply think about him, his presence, his plan, his gracious mercy and mostly his spectacular love. He wants us to have, as best we can, conscious contact with him as much and as often as possible. Advent is the great tool for helping this happen.

I get up every day at 5:00 a.m. and meditate for 20 minutes in the dark and to the purr of the space heater.   I usually just count my breaths and sometimes feel a little impatient. Especially if I have a particularly challenging day ahead.   I want to rehearse all my responsibilities and sometimes try to figure out how I can get out of them. But during Advent it seems like I’m more able to just allow myself to know that for at least this 20 minutes I can just feel safe and assured that all is as it should be and God is listening. I can imagine being held and comforted.   And most important, I can be reminded that throughout the day, and always, I can feel this way. I can always go back to just thinking about our Lord God and Savior and the peace that comes with the contemplation of Jesus and his sacrifice on our behalf. What he already knew and what he must have been thinking as he fulfilled his mission.

We are rapidly approaching a new year with its many new opportunities and challenges. Let’s take the time as it comes up to pause and give thanks for all the blessings we enjoy. They are too innumerable to count actually. Let’s think about our God a little more frequently and what it means to wait for the day when reality will be remade. That day is in store for us all. The realization makes us just better human beings with a greater responsibility to demonstrate this awareness to those who live in a state of troubled slumber.

The Peace of the Lord be with you all.

Deyo Blake

Congregation Council President

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