Message from Pastor

Epiphany: The Season of Light


One of the most handy gadgets I’ve come to depend upon is the talking GPS in my car. It has saved me many times when I have no idea where I am or how to reach my destination. I would literally be lost without it. On January 6 we celebrate Epiphany, the oldest festival of the church year, remembering the visit of the magi who came to honor the newborn Christ child. While they didn’t use a GPS they did have a bright star in the sky to guide them. And just as the cheerful voice in my car often has to steer me another way, saying “recalculating,” so did the star no doubt lead the magi on a few detours before leading them to Bethlehem.

This next eight weeks in the season after Epiphany is a good time for all of us to ask ourselves: How may we need to change directions on our journey through the twists and turns of life? What will be the star that leads to Christ? Epiphany dovetails well with the beginning of a new year. It’s an opportunity for us to take stock of where we are and where we’re going. How might our eyes be opened to see the light of Christ revealed among us in ways or through people we may have never noticed before? What new paths may God be inviting us to take as we look towards the future?

Next Sunday, Jan. 12, we will join as a community of faith to break bread together after worship with a potluck followed by our annual meeting. As we look back and celebrate where God has led us as a congregation in 2013, now it is time to follow the star of God’s leading in 2014. Certainly there will be detours and recalculations along the way as we discern our mission. Yet we move forward with confidence, trusting the star of Epiphany to help us let our light shine as a “light on the way.”