Message from Pastor

June 1st, 2013


Dear disciples of Jesus at American Lutheran,

In his book Soul Gardening: Cultivating the Good Life, author Terry Hershey tells the story about an American who decided to take an African safari. He hired people from a local tribe to guide him on the journey as well as help carry all the gear. On the first morning the entire party roused early, traveled very, very fast and went very, very far. On the second day they roused early, traveled very, very fast and went very, very far. On the third day, the same. On the fourth morning the jungle tribesmen refused to move. The American gestured irately and fumed at the translator to get them going. “They will not move,” the translator relayed. “Why not?” the American bellowed, thinking of dollars wasted and time spent. “Because,” the translator told him, “they are waiting for their souls to catch up with their bodies.”

In our busy lives we all need time for our souls to catch up with our bodies. That’s why God commanded us to observe the Sabbath. It is a gift of rest and renewal in our relationships with God and others. Summertime is a wonderful opportunity for Sabbath time—to slow down and enjoy the beauty of creation, to relax on vacation, to reconnect with family and friends, and to nourish our souls in worship. I urge you to take advantage of this opportunity to regularly join with your community of faith, resting in the grace and peace of God’s presence, restored and refreshed to be God’s hands and feet in the world.

Your partner in the Gospel,

Pastor Gretchen