The world can feel scary right now. We need church.

In the midst of uncertainty, we have a real opportunity to discover our very best selves. As we remain in our homes and practice responsible physical distancing, we are understand that physical distancing is not the same as emotional distancing. We can and will care for one another in all kinds of ways. Whether you’re looking for help or looking to offer help, we have a place just for you. Take a look below at many of the ways that we can stay connected, and please contact us if we can do anything for you.

Join us for #CouchChurch on Zoom as we gather for meaningful music, prayers, meditations and reflections, and play, every Sunday around 9:50AM. 

Meeting ID: 896 0392 6981

Dear Beloveds,

Though no one in our congregation seems affected, due to the outbreaks of COVID-19 we will not be holding any worship services in our building any time in April, 2020, and quite possibly for some time after.

Why? Well, first the bishop advised it. So that’s always a great reason. But more to the point, as experts point out, our aim needs to be to slow the spread of the virus so that when those who are most vulnerable are sick (with COVID-19 or the other illnesses), our health care system is not overwhelmed and those who need care can find the great medical attention they need. “Flattening the curve” is such a Christ-like/we are one Body kind of a move for us to make.

What does this mean? Join us on FacebookLive at 10 AM for a live stream of our worship service with music, prayers, the sermon, and digital-community. We will post the service live on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ALCBurbank/ and will share the video across several other platforms.

New to Zoom? Here’s a video Melissa and I made to help you. https://www.loom.com/share/77bfcfa0994f4b8eae12f7418b590170 This is a time of great uncertainty and following the direction of Jesus, we seek to care first for the most vulnerable among us. We would much rather err on the side of caution than put anyone in our community at risk. We love our neighbor, our God, and ourselves by taking these steps. And this is a real opportunity for us to learn how to create real, authentic, and helpful community online together. This is us stepping forward with Jesus on the faith journey. The way so many of you worked so hard last week and this week to ensure our sanctuary could be just that — a sanctuary — for all. Altar Guild, choir, band, and our office and custodian staff have just been incredible. I’m so proud to be your pastor. And I know council leadership feels the same exact way.

Ways to Connect? I will be reaching out to as many of you as possible over the next few days just to check-in. I am also re-utilizing Calendly to schedule some one-on-one conversation time. Click here to schedule. I’m not entirely sure how you pastor a congregation during a pandemic but I am here. And I know that you are all there for one another. I cannot encourage you all to keep checking in with one another. Text. Call. Email. Skype. Allow this time to breed creativity within you for how we connect and how we do community. One of the best ways you can support our community as a source of light and love is to give online. Your offerings make worship services (online or otherwise), meetings, pastoral care sessions, office and property management, and community possible.

Donate here. Worship. Worship again with us via the Facebook Livestream this week and Zoom moving forward. We have some really special ideas planned via these platforms to facilitate a real sense of belonging. Worshiping God is always a powerful way to connect to something beyond ourselves and it always reminds us that we are grounded in Love. I know all these cancellations or changes may leave us feeling uneasy. It’s also amazing though that so many of us are stepping up in solidarity with the most-at risk and with our nurses, doctors, hospitals, so that they might all have a better chance. Again, this is being the Body of Christ. This is following Jesus’ directions. Please know you are not alone. You, your church community, God, and I — we are all in this together. For each other. Fear is the great destroyer. Love is the only healer. May you know Love. May you be well. Grace, peace, and love, – Pastor Ryan and ALC Church Council

We are all beloved children of God.

We invite all into our inclusive, diverse community of faith as we seek to live the way of Christ’s unconditional and reconciling love. Just as Jesus welcomed each person as a beloved child of God, so we welcome people of all ages, races, ethnicity, culture, physical or mental ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, socio-economic, family or immigration status. Basically if you’re breathing, you’re welcome here. Wherever you are on your spiritual journey this is a non-judgmental place where doors are open and questions are always invited. Feeling spiritually connected in today’s complex society can be challenging. Join us as we grow in faith to do God’s work in Christ’s name for the life of the world.

“Peace be with you” (John 20:26)

Mission Statement

“American Lutheran Church is called to witness the Good News of God’s love through service in our community and beyond.”